The Easiest Way to Set Your Money Goals

Explore your financial dream | January Money Diet

It’s Day #12 of the January Money Diet, and perhaps you’re experiencing the wonder and joy of a checking account balance that holds steady.

I’ve been doing this challenge for eight years, and I still get excited by this realization:  If I don’t spend it, it will still be there!

The greater truth then becomes:  If I am mindful and thoughtful, then I — a regular, working person — can do something extraordinary with money.

I could be like Oseola McCarty, who worked her whole life cleaning other people’s clothes and homes and saved $150,000, which she used to finance scholarships for needy students to the University of Southern Mississippi.

Taking Time to Dream

When I worked for the publishing company, we held a 2-day retreat every autumn for the managers. Away from the daily demands of the company, we could devote some time to really consider our collective hopes and goals, and make plans for the future.

Sometimes we all need a little self-imposed quiet time to reflect and think. I encourage you to set aside some time and explore your hopes and dreams. What are your goals for your money? When you think of financial freedom, what comes to mind? What extraordinary thing would you like to do with your money?

My goals used to be heavily focused on getting out of debt, which was a dark cloud hanging over me. The relief and freedom I felt when I made the last credit card payment was unbelievable. If this is your dream, too, I encourage you to stick with it.

Today my dreams and goals include saving for the future and giving.

Also:  having fun. FUN is my one-word resolution for 2017.

How About You?

Your challenge today, if you choose to accept it, is to sit in a quiet place and think about your Big Picture financial goals. Where would you like to be at the end of 2017? How about in five years, and in ten years?

If you feel like sharing, we’d love to hear about your money dreams and goals in the comments section of this page.

Here’s to big dreams and good things in the year ahead,

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Eliza Cross is a full-time writer and the author of a dozen books about food and home design. She has been blogging about simplicity and sustainable living since 2006.

The Easiest Way to Set Your Money Goals

  • Victoria Taylor

    Fantastic challenge as we start 2017 to set aside quiet time to envision our financial goals for this year. Like Meg, one of my goals involves travel…and to finally begin planning for long-term financial independence. I appreciate your thoughts on this subject. We can seriously accomplish our goals by changing our behaviors. Wishing everyone an amazing year ahead!

  • Lyn

    Oh – – And I hope to get my photography business finally off the ground. I self-published a book on Blurb in December and I want to promote that as well as actually have a show where I can sell my ‘Compost Compositions.’ Here’s the link:

    If you know anyone who loves compost, check it out. Or, if you know an agent who works with photographers, that would be great. I am not the best detail person and hate promoting myself. Thanks for the help!

    Cheers, Lyn

  • Lyn

    My husband and I met with our financial planner last night. Even though our net worth has increased each year over the past few years, we still have credit card debt and need to draw from our home equity loan to make ends meet. Strange how that happens. We save more in one place but spend more in another. Our goal for this year is to consolidate our various loans, reduce our household expenses, especially with landscaping, which is my addiction, and find a way to have more money available for our kids’ educations. Yikes! The January Money Diet is always a great place to begin. Thank you Eliza!

  • Sara

    Lovely challenge! I have a stock market club with some female colleagues and friends and this was our discussion topic for the night, Money goals for 2017. One member wanted to find a charity that aligned with her values, where her money could make an impact, one to splurge more and treat herself, one lady to invest for future financial independance, and one is taking a sabbatical from work to try to start her own Company. I have a hard time setting a Money goal of my own this year, but leaning towards changing the allocation in my portfolio towards more stocks, and less Money in the banc.

  • Meg

    I retired in April last year and I love to travel I have been to lots of countries but I have one dream and that is to walk the Camino De Santiago starting in France and finishing in Spain a walk of 500 miles so this year I am focusing on saving for this trip I hope to do this May 2018.

  • Susan Trimble

    I am in the process of making major changes in my life. Without going into detail, by the end of 2017 hopefully these changes will be made. As far as money goes I hope everything will be taken care of and I will be able to see some of the world.

  • Sylvia @Professional Girl on the Go

    Two of my main goals for 2017 is building my bank account balance and volunteering more. I want to increase my savings by at least $36,000 and volunteer at least twice a month.

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