January Money Diet Day 2 – Let’s Go On a Scavenger Hunt

Go on a scavenger hunt at home | January Money Diet

It’s only the second day of our money diet, and I’m already overwhelmed by your enthusiasm and goodness. I got goose bumps reading your comments as you embraced Challenge #1 yesterday.

Giving away 31 things is a big commitment, and I’m humbled and inspired by the stories you’re sharing and the beautiful gifts you’re giving — from home-baked bread to clothing to appliances to books.

I hope you’ll continue posting about your experiences in both giving and receiving throughout the month.

We’ve committed to hanging on to our cash this month, but that doesn’t mean we need to live meagerly. In fact, I strongly believe that managing our money wisely is going to lead us to all sorts of abundance, blessings and adventures in 2017.

Find Your Hidden Treasures

On this second day of the January Money Diet, I encourage you to “shop” at home and spoil yourself with the things you have on hand. Now is the perfect time to go through the closets and drawers looking for those unused things we all tend to hold on to for Someday.

We might begin our home scavenger hunts with the bathroom cabinets; are there shampoo samples, fancy soaps, loofahs,  and pedicure kits hiding on the shelves? Let’s actually use those nice things and pamper ourselves. Hey, we deserve it!

(And while we’re at it, why don’t we go ahead and take our vitamins every day this month? And floss?)

Treasures in the Kitchen

What about those specialty kitchen appliances and gadgets gathering dust? Let’s use our fondue pots and pasta machines and waffle irons this month, shall we?

Take inventory of your pantry and freezer, too; do you have any fancy, gourmet items or forgotten goodies lurking back in the shelves? Plan to enjoy those treats, clear some shelf space and save money on food this month.

Treasures for Projects

What about unused craft and scrapbooking supplies? Home improvement materials? Fabric and notions? Yarn and knitting needles? Office supplies? Blank journals? January is a splendid month to take on a project using things we already have.

Take a look around the closets and drawers of your home, and you might find a treasure trove of good stuff just waiting to be used up and enjoyed.

After you’ve gone on a scavenger hunt around your home, will you post a few highlights in the comments section at the bottom of this page? You know we’re all just dying to hear what you unearth.

You’ll hear from me again tomorrow, when we tackle meal planning to save money and time this month.

Until then, treat yourself to a long soak and use the scented bath salts. Get out the shaving brush and enjoy a nice shave. Burn the scented candles. Wear your silk pajamas. Play your music and dance!


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P.S. Grateful thanks to Student Loan Hero for a nice shout-out about the January Money Diet. If you’ve linked to the page from your site or are blogging about your experiences, please contact me so that I can link back to you!

About Eliza Cross

Eliza Cross is a full-time writer and the author of a dozen books about food and home design. She has been blogging about simplicity and sustainable living since 2006.

January Money Diet Day 2 – Let’s Go On a Scavenger Hunt

  • Lyn

    Found some yummy soaps that replaced a few old and dried out ones in our basement bathroom and guest bathroom; Found a dried taco sauce packet and used some ground turkey that was in the freezer to make tacos a few nights ago; Found some old dresses in the attic that had belonged to my grandmother and that actually looked cool when I put them on…Can’t wait to wear the very 1960’s purple wool dress with dark pink neckline some time soon…

  • Steve

    In the process of moving to a new house, with life in boxes, finished up:

    1. Several sample-size soaps and other toiletries
    2. Cans of beans and other pantry items
    3. Mashed frozen bananas for bread (done in 10 minutes!)

    More to use as I unpack this weekend!

  • Cindy

    I signed up for the challenge days ago, but have been so busy at work, I haven’t had the chance to do much, or to comment. I struggle with meal planning, so it was a real challenge coming up with a week’s worth of meals the other day, but how great it feels to know what I’m cooking when I get home, or better yet, to eat leftovers!! I planned the week’s worth of meals and it is so liberating! Also, in the scavenger hunt, I ran across my bread maker, not put into use since we moved 2 years ago! Today, I have a loaf of bread baking, and a pot of soup for lunches. I haven’t spent any money, except for regular bills, and some unexpected vet bills.
    Love this “diet”. It’s refreshing to look at our lives differently, and realize we already have what we really need.

  • Deborah

    I always enjoy this part of the money freeze. This year I have found handmade soaps, shampoo, fancy crackers and chocolate. I am going to spoil me this month!!!

  • Pulled out some canvas and paints that I hadn’t used in over 6 months. Had a great time and remembered why I need to keep time for creativity as a priority in my schedule. Also, pull out some coffee I had stocked up on. I’ve been making a cup to take with me on my way to work each day this week. It’s been nice and is better than the coffee at the office.

  • Laura

    Playing catch up here(sorry for late post!) I headed straight for my beauty drawers knowing I had plenty of products laying around. Pampered myself with a cucumber gel mask, whitening strips for my teeth and finally got around to a cuticle removing treatment. I also threw out a number of lotions and potions that were well past their expiration!

  • Kelly

    I found some pretty placemats I was saving for a special day and I guess the special day was last night. I used my placemats for dinner last night and my family asked “What’s the special occasion?” I said just us eating dinner together!

  • Sara

    Dear Eliza and fellow January Money dieters! I am looking forward to joining this passionate community again!
    I found a fancy handwash with Cherry Blossom scent (I immediately placed it in the bathroom), lots of chocolate from Christmas, will prepare a delicious dessert for my friend visiting this weekend. I received gift cards for the Movies, and a day pass to a local spa for Christmas. I also discovered stamps and pretty post cards, several free passes to local gyms, and I have many varieties of teas in my Collection.

  • Katy Emanuel

    We just moved into a new house so had decluttered lots since it was a move across the country, but one thing I had bought quite some time ago and had yet to use was my vacuum sealer. So I pulled it out and used it to put some cooked meals in the freezer for days when we just don’t have tome to cook!

  • I unearthed a photo collage frame that is just perfect to display photos from a recent family trip.

  • Jenny

    Although we are still in the process of our scavenger hunt, so far we have found and used an old but unworn scarf, a scented candle and some forgotten loose change!

  • nancy

    I found a beautiful heather purple sweater just in time for cold weather

  • Lynn Louise

    I decided during the Christmas season to burn a lot of the candles that I have been keeping year after year. I didn’t let myself buy any new ones this year and have been enjoying the ones I have. Right now a Cinnamon jar candle is burning on the mantel. I also put a rarely used table cloth on our dining room table. It is a beautiful winter one and never gets used. I have an unopened jar of moisturizer that has been sitting in the back of the bathroom cabinet and I plan on using that this month.

  • Meg

    Last year I collected lots of sea glass and shells to make a memory box to give to my grand daughter so I am going to start making this.

  • Baylee Cockerham

    Going to do a freezer, fridge, and pantry inventory and I found a website where it lets you list the foods you have and gives you recipes based on that.

  • Susan Trimble

    Added some mac and cheese and corn to squash soup. It was delicious. Been going thru samples I’ve gotten, won’t have to buy mouthwash and toothpaste, etc. for quite a while. Burning a Cherry Mango candle that I’ve had for months. Found White Gardenia & Neroli shower gel that I had forgotten about. Had also forgotten about new pajamas that I’ve had for quite a while. Tonight will work on getting rid of more things. I’m enjoying this.

  • Vida

    I got coffee beans for Christmas, and I took out my coffee grinder!!!

  • Cindy

    I’m committed to eating the food from my freezer. I have quite a few items there to be eaten, so I’ll be going there first instead of the grocery store first.

  • Glenda

    I found the Instant Pot that I was given for my birthday last May. It has never been used. My goal is to put it in use by this coming weekend. It will be my first experience with a pressure cooker.

  • Hilary

    Discovered a stash of great t-shirts, still with their tags on – bought them on sale ages ago then promptly forgot I had them!

  • Cindy

    I did the scavenger hunt yesterday before I even saw this day #2 message! I found some locally made bath salts and an inflatable bath pillow I’d forgotten about in a drawer while cleaning and took a long luxurious bath last night.

    I also found an adult coloring book I think I got for Christmas last year and I’ve been coloring this morning next to my new gifted Happy light to chase away SAD (seasonal Affective disorder).

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