Day 9 of the January Money Diet – Finish Something

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“There are two kinds of people, those who finish what they start and so on.” ~ Robert Byrne

We all seem to have them — those stalled projects we never quite get around to completing. What unfinished task could you wrap up this month? Perhaps it’s the last coat of paint on the trim in the bathroom, or the final rows on the blanket you were knitting, or the ending to the short story you started, or raking up the rest of the autumn leaves.

My unfinished task is to sew new covers for the throw pillows on the couch. I have the fabric and thread, and I just need to get busy. I hereby resolve to get those covers done this month.

How About You?

Could you rescue a project from its current holding pattern? Think of the enormous satisfaction and sense of accomplishment we’ll all feel by finishing something.

Leave a comment on this page, and let us know what you commit to finish during this January Money Diet month. Here’s to your success!

You’ll hear from me again on Monday, when we tackle a new challenge. Until then, stay strong and enjoy a beautiful weekend.


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Day 9 of the January Money Diet – Finish Something

  • carole

    I have been working finishing up the decorating and reorganizing in our bedroom. Also, got a safe deposit box and getting things ready to fill.

  • Elizabeth

    I’m not crafty, but I commit to finish installing the security system I bought and then have let sit around for 3 months!!

  • Alright, I can’t believe it. I thought this money diet idea would be a good way to save money this month, but I had no idea how many other areas of my life it would affect. A few examples…

    Because of this call-to-action, I finally completed my son’s baby book (he’s 2.5 now) and feel so good. My husband even read it and thanked me for my hard work putting it together. What weight lifted off my shoulders!

    I also spiffed up an old candle holder that I’ve never really loved, but that we’ve been dragging with us every place we’ve moved for 7 years and now it’s my favorite decoration in the living room.

    And I finally decided to stop using paper towels and napkins. I cut up a bunch of my old give-away clothes into rags, and I haven’t used a paper towel or napkin in a week (and I was addicted to them previously).

    What are you doing to my life?? I’m loving this. Can’t wait for the rest of the diet.

  • Amy

    I am finishing up a blanket I started crocheting a year ago

  • Helen

    Just finished a little crochet rabbit and it’s lovely. It was started last March in Norway with wool I bought there on a cruise to see the Northern Lights. We saw the lights and snow and now little bunny Alta will be a constant reminder. Wouldn’t have finished her unless I’d subscribed to your blog – thank you!

  • Kim

    Many unfinished knitting projects. I need to focus on the two baby blankets that are due in February. The challenge is to not cast on another project, lol. Also not to buy any more yarn (for a while). Another great project would be to organize the bags, tubs, and boxes of yarn I have. YES, I will add some yarn to the donation box.

  • Susan

    Taking a break right now from finishing a scarf I started knitting a couple of weeks ago. Then I am going to finish a counted cross stitch sampler.

  • Julee

    I have been needing to finish some remodeling to upgrade my home so this month I am going to get that done. I will feel so much better knowing it is finally completed.

  • Lynn Louise

    I actually finished my daughters quilt around Christmas so she could help with the tying of the yarn. It was so wonderful to work on it together and talk and laugh. I have 3 more to do though and could probably get 1 done this month if I put my mind to it.

  • OK… mending pile, I’m looking at you!!!

  • Catherine Godfrey

    I’m transforming an old side table into a beautiful
    mosaic tablet with pieces of stain glass. I put this project on the back burner & not really sure why. So really excited to finish

  • Susan

    I have a crocheted baby blanket that’s almost done for my niece’s first baby! The baby was born in December — I won’t be too late. I will finish it this weekend and get it in the mail monday!

  • Mary Ann

    I am converting VHS family footage to digital iMovies. So much fun but very emotional and time consuming. I have to get back to it.

  • carolyn

    Ah, UFOs – got ’em. Think I’ll start by updating my address database file…some paperwork stuff that needs completion – might happen – would feel GREAT! Improve pantry, YES…the sky’s the limit!

    Thanks for the gentle push in the right direction – by the grace of God, WE CAN DO THIS!

  • Sometimes to finish something you just need to declare it finished–I’ve had a beautiful cross-stitch picture that was all done except for some backstitching details, which were very hard to follow. I kept putting off doing that last step, and finally decided that it looked fine without it. I already have the framing materials, so all i need to do is frame it. Now I can go ahead and work on the new kit I have that I really want to work on.

    BTW, what happened to the link under the BlogHer bdge? I think that used to be something called “Picket Fence Blogs,” but now it just comes up as an error. Have they gone away>

    debi Simons

  • Vesta

    Embarrassed to say I have 3 scarves for this Christmas past in progress — will aim to get those done. Cold front moving in so with some beef in the crockpot it is a good day to settle in and finish at least one this weekend!

  • Ok, I’m in! I have a quilt top that’s been waiting to be sandwiched, quilted and finished with binding! I’ll aim to get it done for the end of January!! Will be a relief to have it done! Wish me luck! 😉

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