Announcing the 2015 January Money Dieter of the Year

Jennifer - the January Money Diet Queen

Jennifer – the January Money Diet Queen

Figuring out who should win the 2105 January Money Diet Gift Box was a huge challenge, because so many of you participated our our month-long spending break with enthusiasm and generosity.

In fact, I never could have chosen one winner based on my feelings because I love each one of you. Instead, I adopted a more methodical approach. I tallied the number of comments throughout the 31 days, and took special note of readers who enthusiastically participated in the challenges. I also marked extra points for participants who shared ideas and encouraged others.

A clear winner emerged through this exercise, and I’m proud to announce that Jennifer is our 2015 January Money Dieter of the Year. Here’s what she had to say at the end of the diet:

“Thank you so much for the great advice and motivation! We were able to catch up on monthly bills and even pay ahead on some. It has been awesome! I am grateful for the new habits that we are forming together as a family.

I do plan on splurging just a tad and start out by taking two more bags to The Salvation Army. Then we will have a family dinner out to celebrate our hard work this month. I want to make sure that we keep ourselves in check but also reward ourselves when we do a job well done!

Congratulations to all who joined and made it!”

Jennifer will receive a goodie box with a $25 Barnes & Noble gift card, $25 cash, pantry staples like bean soup mix and organic quinoa, signed copies of three of my cookbooks, homesteading supplies like soap, candles and eco-friendly cleaning supplies, and more.

Thanks so much to each one of you who participated this year, and I hope you’ll join us next January when we undertake this challenge again.


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Announcing the 2015 January Money Dieter of the Year

  • kris

    Congratulations Jennifer!!

  • Congratulations to you, Jennifer! It’s great to start into the new year with a winning.

  • Jennifer

    Thank you so very, very much! Not just for the fabulous goodies but also for all the advice and motivation to look deeply at our spending habits.

    This has been a true blessing for our family and I have appreciated all of their hard work right alongside me. I have looked at this month as instilling new money habits that will help my husband and I raise six responsible kids. What an advantage in today’s world for all of us 🙂

    And it was FUN!

  • SanDandy

    Congratulations Jennifer.
    Will we be able to access the diet all year. I would like to go back and review.

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