Day #28 of the January Money Diet – Nurture Your Health

Take care of your health

All the money in the world won’t buy good health.

For any of us who have ever experienced an injury, pain, or sickness, we know how it feels to wake up unwell and think we’d give anything — anything — for a normal, healthy, pain-free day.

Many of us are juggling a million things right now, and taking care of ourselves can fall to the bottom of the list. But really, self-care deserves to be one of our very top priorities. The good news is that most of the ways we can nurture our health are absolutely free.

10 ways to care for your one-and-only precious body

1. Get a good night’s sleep. Here are my 7 natural ways to enjoy better slumber.

2. Exercise each day. I try to alternate each day between upper body, lower body and cardio. Some days are better than others, but I keep trying. In the morning while I’m waiting for the coffee to heat, I do stretches. We walk the dog as often as possible, and I use small hand weights to build muscle strength. Exercising doesn’t need to be complicated.

3. Eat nutrient-rich foods, for a strong immune system and healthy bones. The fewer processed foods, preservatives and chemicals we consume, the better our bodies will feel. We owe it to ourselves to eat as many good foods as possible.

4. Drink water. Staying hydrated helps us look and feel better, and reduces headaches and fatigue. Why don’t we all drink a few more glasses of water today? I think I’ll go pour one right now.

5. Floss your teeth. Dental problems are no fun, and flossing is an easy way to care for our teeth and gums. This simple act has been shown to reduce inflammation in the body, which might even reduce rates of cancer and other diseases. Let’s floss our teeth today — I challenge you!

6. Have some down time, every day. Meditate. Take a warm bath. Pray. Read. Think. Listen to music. Watch the grass grow.

7. Limit time interacting with digital devices. We all can feel it in our brains when we’ve been online too much, don’t you agree? Push away from the computer. Power off the TV. Unplug from social media for a while. Engage with the real world.

8. Stimulate your brain. Practice your favorite hobby. Write a poem. Do a crossword puzzle. Learn something new.

9. Go outside. Take a walk. Get fresh air. Enjoy whatever today’s weather brings. Notice the world around you.

10. Seek balance. Have you ever gotten sick at the worst possible time? For several years I woke up sick every Christmas morning, because I’d been trying to do too much. Our bodies will complain, and sometimes even shut down, when things are out of whack. A more balanced life will ultimately give us the energy to do the things we really want to.

Let’s agree to honor our health, and make caring for ourselves a higher priority.

How about you?

Time’s a wastin’! What can you do today to better care for yourself? Do you have things to add to my list above? I’d love to hear your thoughts and strategies for living a healthier life.


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About Eliza Cross

Eliza Cross is a full-time writer and the author of a dozen books about food and home design. She has been blogging about simplicity and sustainable living since 2006.

Day #28 of the January Money Diet – Nurture Your Health

  • Cindy

    I do many of the things you suggest. Since getting a Fitbit for Christmas a year ago, I can track my steps and aim for 10,000 steps a day. I don’t always make it, but the awareness and effort is huge. I move far more now than I did before.

  • Tricia

    What a great list! I do some of these on a regular basis. Others I need to work harder on implementing. Thank you for the inspiration to set and reach for some great and healthy goals.

  • Catherine Godfrey

    So finding balance in my life has been so hard. I’ve been doing the warm bath w/ aromatherapy a lot more. Resortiative yoga has also been a blessing. I love the outdoors, but unfortunately w/ Lupus I can only stay outside for very short periods so that’s a bummer. My next goal is to work on the amount of time I spend on some type of electronic device. After I read the challenge I took inventory on my devices & couldn’t believe how many different things I have. Time to give them a break & enjoy those around me.

  • Jennifer S.

    Find good, encouraging friends to surround yourself with. The company we keep can sometimes cause us stress and drama. We should be helping one another to be better and may have to let some friendships go that don’t do that.

    Laugh often! Life is hard enough and what a difference our outlook on it can make. It is all about our attitude and how we handle our situations.

    Love one another and make a difference in someone’s life. It can be volunteering at a local shelter or just helping someone with their groceries. It is amazing the blessings we get we give from our hearts.

  • Georgina Bowie

    I could definitely do with increasing the amount of sleep I get, but I just can’t get my brain to turn off no matter what I do. I keep telling myself that recent research has found that people who stay up late are apparently more intelligent, obviously just to tired to show it!
    I am make a conscious effort to eat more fruit and veg and drinks lots of water, but the big thing I’ve found for me is writing things down when I’m stressed or worried. That’s definitely had a huge improvement to my well being.

  • Baylee

    This is one of my goals for 2015: become a better me all around! I am 24 weeks pregnant but still workout (took a bit to get back into after a rough first trimester), I have been doing the Love Dare for Parents to help strengthen my relationship with my kids, I have been slowly cutting out caffeine and eating so much healthier my family is having a hard time believing it! And since my first born, I have let myself slip so, I have started flossing and whitening my teeth again and just taking care of my overall appearance and it feels soooo good!

  • Lynn Louise

    I had my yearly physical right away the first week in January. Everything checked out good except chronically low iron. I have been battling it for years. My plan is to eat lots more spinach. I’m sticking it in everything from smoothies (can’t even taste it when mixed with the fruit)to sandwiches and casseroles. It try to work out on the treadmill nightly because I sit all day at a desk. Studies have shown that women who sit all day at a desk job have shortened life expectancys. So I move, move, move whenever I can both at work and especially after work. My weight is perfect but my husband needs to watch his and lose about 10 pounds. Along with this money challenge, I have noticed I am watching much less TV because I am usually cleaning or organizing or doing something related to the money challenge. There is little time to waste watching TV. Any free time I have I like to read my books or magazines or cook. The homemade yogurt turned out great by the way. I am making another batch this weekend.

  • Lisa

    I am trying to practice mindful eating. So often I am eating in front of the TV, while reading my email during lunch at work, scrolling through Facebook or Pinterest etc. I don’t even taste what I am eating, and especially in front of the TV, I eat too much. By being in the moment and focusing on what I am eating, how good it tastes (I sure worked hard to make it!) and slowing down, I am more relaxed. I need to get my family on board with this. Dinner is an event at our house, but we eat too fast to enjoy the food it seems. It is a let down to spend an hour making dinner and everyone wolfs it down in ten minutes.

  • Health is one of my core values and I do most of the things on your list already.

    Another motivating factor is that being unhealthy costs a lot of money, as well as time, energy, misery, and that shortening your life thing.

    Sometimes I wonder what would happen to our health care system if we all chose to take care of ourselves. I hope your followers feel motivated to make a difference in their own lives after reading this.

  • Meghan Chaffee

    Don’t hold in things. Let them go in a non stressful way. Journal your feelings. Do not scream, fight just journal it out leading to less stress on the body leading to less illness. Express to your family the importance of “me” time. Go away for a night. Can’t afford a road trip and place to stay ask a close friend for one of their extra rooms so you can focus on you with a journal ,book, long bath, sleep. One of these, some or all of these.

  • Rosemary Carstens

    Eliza, I am sure I’d feel MUCH better if I could work out with the guy in the photo–LOL!

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