Thank You for Your Generous Hearts

Thank you

Dear friends,

So many of you got in the spirit of clearing clutter this week and giving things away as part of Monday’s January Money Diet challenge. I am so proud of everyone’s efforts.

I had promised to give away an inspirational money book to the one who gave the most things away last week, but I have to confess that after reading all of your comments I was teary-eyed and perplexed. I counted at least nine readers who had given away a truckload of treasures. How could I choose just one of you to win, when so many of you were extra-generous and hard-working?

In the end, I drew three names at random from the nine top givers. Each of those three readers will win an inspirational money book. The winners are Cindy, Kelly and Denae, and I have written you privately to make arrangements to send your books.

Thank you so much to each one of you who participated, and look for a new January Money Diet challenge tomorrow!


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Eliza Cross is a full-time writer and the author of a dozen books about food and home design. She has been blogging about simplicity and sustainable living since 2006.

Thank You for Your Generous Hearts

  • Lynn Louise

    Sorry I missed this post. I think everyone who has been diligently following this post is a winner. I know I feel lucky to have stumbled across this site. I am just now in the process of making Eliza’s homemade greek yogurt. It is in the cheesecloth as we speak and looks amazing. Just one more hour and it should be done. Can’t wait. No more paying $4 a pint for greek yogurt. I used fresh cows milk from our farm so basically this will be free yogurt. Can’t beat that!

  • Laura

    Yay, congrats to the winners!

  • Leslie

    We are all winners because we got to lighten our loads and bless others! I can’t tell you how good it felt to pull up to the church rummage sale this weekend with my car packed to the gills and know that not only did I purge a great deal of clutter, but I was helping a worthy ministry at the same time. And guess what?!? I didn’t even go inside to shop! Now that’s something that WOULD NEVER HAVE HAPPENED a month ago! Woohoo!

  • Kris

    Somebody please back up the wagon so I can get back on. Apparently I fell off this weekend. I had been doing so well too. I’ve squeezed about $500 out of my usual spending (groceries, gas, and incidentals). This weekend really got me. A birthday party cost me about $50
    – a gift for my daughters classmate, DocMcStuffins bag for my daughter on clearance (only $7), lunch in town, a hot cocoa at the party, and a new top for my daughter to wear to the party. Next weekend, I’m staying home!!

  • Jennifer

    What a great way to pick. Congratulations to the winners! We are ALL winners in this challenge as well as those who will be getting our tossed treasures! 🙂

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