Pickle Pastrami Roll-Ups Are an Easy, Yummy Appetizer

Pickle Pastrami Roll-ups from HappySimpleLiving.com

When I first announced that I was writing the cookbook 101 Things To Do With a Pickle, my dear sister sent me a wonderful recipe she’d gotten from her sister-in-law. These appetizers combine crispy, crunchy, tangy pickles with smooth cream cheese and savory pastrami. The combination is unbeatable, and they couldn’t be easier to make. Just start them a couple hours ahead of when you plan to serve them, so that the rolls can firm up before you slice them.

Pickle Pastrami Roll-Ups

8 slices deli pastrami (these are also good with sliced ham)
8 4-inch whole dill pickles
8 ounces cream cheese, softened
assorted crackers (optional)

Pat the pastrami and pickles dry with paper towels. Spread a thin layer of softened cream cheese on each pastrami slice. Place a pickle at one end and roll tightly like a jelly roll. Secure with toothpicks and refrigerate for 2 hours. Slice the rolls into 1-inch pieces and serve with crackers, if you like. Makes 32 appetizers.

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