Win An Assortment of Bob’s Red Mill Organic Quinoa

Bob's Red Mill Quinoa

I rarely feature products on Happy Simple Living, and when I do it’s for something I’m truly crazy about. You may know that I’m a big quinoa fan, and not just because it’s incredibly nutritious. I love quinoa’s nutty taste and fluffy texture, but since since this lovable little seed gets relegated to so many bland, diet, low-fat, low-cal recipes, I thought quinoa deserved its own cookbook showcasing its wonderful flavor and versatility.

In the back of The Quinoa Quookbook, I list a handful of top organic quinoa sources—including Bob’s Red Mill. Unlike some corporate brand names, there really is a Bob at the helm of this employee-owned company, Bob Moore. Bob’s quinoa is a very high quality, organically grown product that’s positively delicious. I’m also an enthusiastic fan of the company’s blog, which features wonderful recipes and helpful information about grains and cooking techniques.

Just in time for back to school and autumn cooking, the nice folks at Bob’s Red Mill will generously give away an assortment of three full-sized packages of quinoa to one lucky Happy Simple Living reader in the U.S. or Canada. If you win, you’ll receive a pound each of their white quinoa, red quinoa and pretty tri-color quinoa.

White quinoa is the most common variety, and I use it in baked goods, appetizers, salads, dinners and soups. With its pretty color I like to use red quinoa for recipes like carrot cake and meatballs, and the tri-color variety is fun when you want the quinoa to really star in a dish.

To enter the giveaway, simply answer this question:

What are you looking forward to this autumn?

Whether it’s the return of football season or putting on your favorite flannel shirt, just dash off a quick response in the comments below and you’ll be automatically entered. The giveaway is open to readers in the U.S. and Canada through next next Tuesday, September 2 at midnight MST. I’ll draw one random name from everyone who comments, and announce the winner next week.

Thanks so much to our friends at Bob’s Red Mill for sponsoring this giveaway, and good luck!

UPDATE: This giveaway is now closed, and congratulations to our lucky winner Laurel C.!


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The Quinoa QuookbookP.S. If you’d like your very own copy of The Quinoa Quookbook, the Kindle version is on sale this week only for just 99 cents. (You don’t have to own a Kindle; just use the Kindle reading app to enjoy on virtually any computer or device.) The paperback version is also on sale at Amazon and Barnes & Noble. This book contains 100 tried-and-true recipes featuring nutty, nutritious, delicious quinoa, and once you try it you might find you add it to just about everything.

P.P.S. I wasn’t compensated in any way for this giveaway—it’s just for fun!


About Eliza Cross

Eliza Cross is a full-time writer and the author of a dozen books about food and home design. She has been blogging about simplicity and sustainable living since 2006.

Win An Assortment of Bob’s Red Mill Organic Quinoa

  • Annette Kleinhenz

    I’m looking forward to lighting the fireplace and sitting in the semi-dark on cold mornings watching the sun fully rise through my Eastern windows.

  • sam

    I’m looking forward to the milder weather, its been a warm, hot summer

  • Dandi D

    I am really looking forward to making pumpkin bread and roasting some butternut squash.

  • Jennifer McCormack

    I am looking forward to pretty much everything about Autumn. Warm snuggly clothes, football games, comforting seasonal foods, pumpkin patches, haunted houses, scary movies, fairs and festivals, beautiful scenery. It is a truly wonderful time of year :~)

  • Calli

    stomping around in boots!

  • Wen

    Have to agree with the cooler weather, but then the temperature difference for the whole day is about 30 degrees.

  • Marcia

    I am looking forward to raking up a big pile of leaves and laying in the center! Ahhhh fall!

  • maggi

    living in florida, anything under 80 would be wonderful but that doesn’t happen here til November or December.

  • cat

    I’m looking forward to leaves changing color. And the weather cooling off enough for me to start baking again….

  • I’m looking forward to our local apples and cider, plus the fall colors. But our summer has been very cool and wet so I’m hoping autumn will hold off for a while.

    Thank you, Eliza, for offering this quinoa giveaway I too love Bob’s Red Hill products.

  • Michelle L

    I’m looking forward to the milder weather, its been a warm, hot summer

  • Patty

    I am looking forward to my sons first year of university.

  • Jody

    I’m looking forward to the crisp beautiful days, the changing colors of the trees, and the cool nights. I also love wearing shorts and a sweater. Classic fall!

  • Natalee

    I’m looking forward to soups! All kinds of soups.

  • Sue Coletta

    Here in northern NH when all the vacationers have gone home, the lake quiets and the scent of fresh pine returns to the oxygen-filled air. When that beautiful scent is wafting through the cool autumn breeze nothing is more peaceful. Tiny critters shuffle around gathering nuts for their winter holes. Bears, moose, and the like fill up on everyone’s leftover garden veges and fruits. The woods come alive with the hustle and bustle of preparing their dens, settling in for the long winter ahead. Even the locals are busy, chopping wood for their wood stoves or fireplaces, a spring in their step because they finally have their town to themselves again. It’s just a joyous time of year here. My favorite time of year. I can’t wait to sit out on our deck swing and take it all in, recalling why we chose this part of the state to move to in the first place.

  • Patty H

    I am looking forward to early morning runs. Cool enough to see my breathe. So peaceful.

  • Christina M

    I’m looking forward to the leaves changing and all the beautiful colors they become. Also for pumpkin inspired foods (although I eat pumpkin year round lol).

  • Katie

    Definitely looking forward to the start of football season! My alma mater has a shiny new stadium making it very easy to get excited.

  • I am thoroughly enjoying hearing your autumn plans – keep ’em coming! xoxo

  • Katie

    Evening walks with the dog, when you need a jacket. 🙂

  • Laurel C

    I can’t wait for all of the fall races I have lined up, and all of the baking we do!

  • stephaniet

    I’m looking forward to it being just a bit cooler than its currently been. Then I can relax on the back porch again.

  • Ann

    There is something unique about sunlight in the fall. Shadows growing longer is one thing, but the softening sun light itself is what truly says “Fall” to me.

  • Martha

    Soups, sweaters, and knitting!

  • jodi

    I am looking forward to my vacation in Scotland this autumn. I will be walking the West Highland Way. Autumn is my favorite season because the colors are so vibrant. Each day is a new piece of artwork.

  • Kathy Hanley

    I’m looking forward to cooler weather and being able to spend more time outdoors!

  • Linda

    I am looking forward to Friday night football at the local high school and marching band contests. Marching contests. – best way to spend a Saturday afternoon or evening.

  • Kasey Clark

    I am looking forward to going camping…and to my birthday in November!

  • J Derda

    I love everything about Autumn – Nature’s Fall palette of orange, gold, red and brown, the crackle of dry leaves as I walk through the woods, the invigorating chill in the air,……

  • Rosie

    I’ve noticed leaves turning and it is making my heart skip a beat! I love walking in the country and enjoying not only the beautiful colors, but also the smell of fall foliage – it is so nice! especially mixed with the crisp air and freshly picked apples!

  • This will be our first fall in Arizona. I’m looking forward to experiencing the changes in a new area of the country. Though some people here say the seasons don’t change… I’m sure there are some subtle changes!

  • Diane

    I can’t wait for flannel sheets and hot cocoa!

  • liz collard

    Cooler weather! It’s been so hot here in Florida, I haven’t gone outdoors much. Looking forward to going for a walk in the evening when it cools down.

  • Barbara

    Taking our Jeep out in the bottom lands to enjoy the fall colors, and maybe . . . just maybe we will see that elusive ivory billed woodpecker!

  • Friday Green

    October days with their cool, fresh air, warm sunlight streaming down on glowing colorful trees. Late afternoon long shadows falling gracefully throughout the city. Taking in with all my heart the beauty of this special time.

  • Cindy

    I’m looking forward to trekking in Nepal.

  • Kristina

    I am looking forward to the beauty of the changing seasons AND sweatshirt weather! I love fall, I just wish it would stick around a little longer.

  • Maureen

    I’ve recently moved to the mountains of North Carolina, and I can’t wait to see the leaves turning colors this autumn. The mountains are beautiful in all seasons, but autumn is when I think nature really shows her glory!

  • Robin Woolums

    I am looking forward to cool days and nights when I can bake cookies to send to my daughter at college! And snow- I am looking forward to snow!

  • Tina

    If we had autumn here in Florida, I would look forward to cool breezes and mild temps.

  • Katherine

    Living in Louisiana, I’m most looking forward to some cooler weather this autumn, but also the return of fresh tomatoes! We get a second run of tomato weather down here as the heat of late summer passes and I have high hopes for the garden and the farmer’s market.

  • Marylou

    I am looking forward to the smells. The smell of the fireplace, the smell of the Fall, crisp air. The smell of homemade soup. I love Fall smells.

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