January Money Diet Day 22 – Pay Less for Fuel

Pay less for gas

When was the last time you comparison shopped for fuel? I used to go to the same service station for gas because it was convenient, but once I started paying closer attention I was able to save money.

If you’re in the habit of going to the same service station week after week to fill up your car with fuel, you might check a site like gasbuddy.com or MSN Autos to find the best fuel deal in your area. GasBuddy also makes a helpful app that you can use on your smartphone to find deals.

Forbes recently wrote about 10 Savvy Ways to Save on Gas, from buying discounted gas gift cards (that’s one I’ve never considered) to keeping your tires properly inflated.

Today’s Homework assignment: The next time you fill the tank, try to find a cheaper gas price. Start paying attention to the price (if you don’t already), and educate yourself on the prices charged in your vicinity. Over time, those pennies saved will turn into dollars — and more dollars!

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January Money Diet Day 22 – Pay Less for Fuel

  • Julia

    One way I make sure not to overspend at the pump is to make sure I don’t leave my gas cap behind! I forgot to put it back on one time and it cost me $15 to replace. Now I am purposeful about not zoning out while filling my tank and I make sure my cap is back in place before driving off. I also redeem bonus points from grocery store shopping at the gas station to get a better deal.

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