January Money Diet Day 20 – Plan Your Garden

Grey Water Garden

Grey Water Garden | Photo: Jeremy Levine Design

Don’t you love daydreaming about planting the spring garden in January?  Now is the perfect time to begin making plans and sketching out some ideas for your ideal garden. Even if you have a small yard, you can grow a surprising amount of food if you choose seeds and plants that grow well in your climate. (Check out the book “Square Foot Gardening” for more ideas about maximizing your yield from a small space.) If you want to tour the ultimate urban homestead, check out the Dervaes family’s website ‘Path to Freedom.’ You won’t believe what they grow in their 1/10 acre yard in Pasadena.

I love perusing the new seed catalogs each year to see what new varieties have been introduced, and these are some of my favorite companies:

For additional ideas, MicroEcoFarming.com has tons of information and articles about growing your own food. WinterSown.org is a site dedicated to an easy, inexpensive method of direct-sowing seeds.  I especially enjoy the pictures on this site of sprouting plants in pop bottles and all manner of recycled containers.

Today’s Homework Assignment: Start planning your garden. Order some free catalogs or peruse them online, sketch out some ideas, make a list of all the new seed varieties you want to plant this year, or if you don’t have a garden, daydream about what you’d like to grow someday.

If you have favorite gardening sites and sources, we’d all love to know about them!

Happy planning,

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