January Money Diet Day 18 – Spiff Up a Space

Beautiful space

Photo: HotHoller

See what you can do, without spending cash, to improve one space that you personally use in the days remaining in January. When I look at the bedroom photo above, it feels so peaceful and relaxing. Notice what a dramatic effect the absence of clutter has on a space. With that in mind, look at your room with an eye for eliminating “stuff” so that you can highlight a few possessions you really love.

Deep clean the room. Vacuum in the corners or mop the floors. Polish the furniture. Wash the windows. Tighten hardware. Dig around under the sink and use some of those specialty cleaning products lingering there (I’m just guessing.) Do what you can with what you have.

Organize the storage spaces. Professional organizers suggest removing everything from the drawer or shelf or whatever area you’re tackling. Next, envision only those things you need in the space to function properly. Carefully add only those items back in, and move or eliminate any things that are left over.

For a new look, rearrange the furniture and artwork. Pick a pretty flower or leaf when you’re on a walk to bring something organic to the space.

For inspiration, check out some creative design sites like Apartment Therapy, HGTV’s Design on a Dime and these great tips from Country Living. If you get busy, be sure to let us know about your efforts!

Today’s Homework Assignment:  Focus some attention on the room where you spend a lot of time, such as your bedroom, your home office or your kitchen. Get creative and see how much you can improve it without spending cash. Have fun with this, and do what you can.


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January Money Diet Day 18 – Spiff Up a Space

  • I began working to brighten up my bathroom with a lighter paint color (free) and love it already! Due to a leak in my ceiling it gave me the opportunity to move all the furniture in my bedroom space and do a deep cleaning which also makes me feel better. Great ideas again this year, Eliza.

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