January Money Diet Day 16 – Learn a New Skill

Learn a new skill

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We’ve officially passed the halfway mark of the January Money Diet! With 15 days to go, we’re on the downhill side of a month without spending. Congratulations to all of you who have approached this 31-day spending break with creativity and resolve. Thanks to all who have left comments, too; you’ve motivated and inspired all of us!

Today’s challenge is to explore learning a new skill. What have you always wanted to learn? January is a great month to acquire a new skill, and it doesn’t need to cost a penny. Have you always wished you could lay your own tile? Your local home improvement store may offer a free workshop. Jewelry making? The library is full of illustrated books, and instructions abound on the internet. Cooking? Ask a friend to teach you how to make homemade pasta, or watch a cooking show and learn how to make bread from scratch.

Take an online tutorial and learn a new computer skill. Pull out the instruction manual and learn about all those mysterious settings on your camera. Research your genealogical roots. Try your hand at calligraphy. Read about furniture refinishing. Or simply spend an afternoon browsing the nonfiction shelves at the library, and see what new topic catches your fancy.

Today’s homework assignment: Learn something new this month – and be sure to leave a comment and tell us about it!


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January Money Diet Day 16 – Learn a New Skill

  • Julia

    Not sure if this counts as a “skill”, but I am going to learn how to work the ginormous coffee pot maker thing at church. Currently only two ladies in the congregation know how to brew coffee in it. They are older ladies and have resisted passing on the knowledge of the coffe pot. However, we are having a day of service this Monday for Martin Luther King Jr day and neither one can be there. So I am going in this weekend so they can teach me how to use it. Knowledge is power!

  • There are so many things to learn online that people really don’t know they are born! In my day it would require a trip to the library at least if not to the local college. Thanks to Sir Tim Berners-Lee! Good luck with the money diet – seems a good idea but we have just acquired a puppy so that’s another sink for cash!

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