January Money Diet Day 13 – Score Something Free

Free beer

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Maybe there’s no such thing as a free lunch, but you can find plenty of ways to get something for nothing if you know where to look.

Sometimes you’ll find something free on a curb. My friend Darla found a chair that perfectly matched her dining set in the alley, and another time she found a full set of like-new china dishes.

Look down, and you might find some loose coins or other treasures on the ground. My daughter once picked up an already-scratched lottery ticket from the sidewalk; upon close inspection, she realized that it was a $5 winner. We scratched our heads over that one.

Maybe a generous friend will offer you something, like my dear sister who gives us fresh eggs from her farm.

If you like free samples, check out some of these helpful websites that feature freebies:

Hey! It’s Free! promises that you’ll never have to use your credit card to get legitimate free samples and products.

Shop 4 Freebies posts new free samples and offers every 24 hours.

About.com Freebies is updated regularly with a wide variety of free samples and offers.

Absurdly Cool Freebie Finder is an aggregator of freebie sites.

The Free Stuff Channel has coupons and magazines in addition to freebies.

Craigs List and Freecycle are great sites to browse for freebies; people often give away unwanted furniture, landscaping and building materials, baby items, appliances and more. You usually have to act fast, though, so if you see something you want get in touch with the giver right away.

Today’s Homework Assignment: See if you can score something free this week. Be sure to tell us about your adventures!


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January Money Diet Day 13 – Score Something Free

  • Betty

    Driving home from church last month we spotted a free snowblower on the curb; my husband was able to do the minor repairs it needed and it saved us about $800 for a new one:)

  • Mea Johnson

    It was amazing…I was walking down the street with my friend and was saying that I really wanted to buy puff pastry dough for this dish that I just found,(PS, we were walking to the consignment store..I sold two wool ponchos for $15.00!) and we walked, literally, into a grocery bag of food that someone had just put out with a note that said they were moving and didn’t want to food to go to waste…I peeked and guess what…an unopened bag of whole wheat flour and an unopened box of puff pastry!! That was almost better then the $15.00!!

  • Julia

    As a city dweller I routinely practice the fine art of curb surfing(looking for free stuff folks put out on the curb.). It is only Tuesday and already I have scored a 6 foot wooden Christmas tree I’ll use as a prop at church (my neighbor called to tell me she saw it while taking a walk), a box of planters and glassware I’ll donate to a local thrift store, and some cool old pictures and books I’ll use in my art projects. FYI I love Freecycle! I have given and gotten so much from that site, including a great friend! Even though our circles had intersected from time to time over the years we had never actually met until I placed a post asking to receive the daily newspaper after someone was done reading it. D responded and for over 2 years I picked up a weeks worth of newspapers from her every Sunday. We started going on adventures with my 9 yr old, apple picking, going to caves…we have a big spa day planned in March ( grown ups only!). Friends are one of the best free things you can find!

  • Laura

    My kids and I scored free admission to a local museum today by taking advantage of their monthly free days! It was a little busy but still a lot of fun.

  • Sara

    I received some chocolates today from a co-worker as a thank you gift for good cooperation and friendship