January Money Diet Day 12 – Maintain What You Have

Bicycle maintenance at Happy Simple Living

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“If you take care of the small things, the big things take care of themselves.” ~ Emily Dickinson

We honor our possessions when we take good care of them. A quiet January is the perfect time to tackle a few maintenance tasks. Perhaps your garden tools could use a good cleaning and sharpening, or maybe it’s time to defrag your computer’s hard drive and update all the programs. Perhaps your bike could use a good tune-up, or you feel like washing the windows or polishing the furniture.

I’m going to pamper the houseplants this morning, and gently clean the leaves, trim the straggly stems, add some fresh dirt to the pots, and give them a nice soak.

Many of you have reported that you’re feeling the satisfaction of not spending this month, and enjoying what you already have. Each January, I feel like I see all that I have with a new sense of gratitude and rediscovery.

How about you? Is there something in your immediate vicinity that could benefit from some maintenance or “spit and polish,” as my dad used to say?

Today’s Homework Assignment: Give one of your honored possessions a little care and attention — and be sure to let us know what you do.


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January Money Diet Day 12 – Maintain What You Have

  • Mea, this is a great point. Figuring out a way to make a dreary task enjoyable will help us tackle those big jobs. You inspire me.

  • Mea Johnson

    My to do is to de-bug my computer and organize my emails..in both of my main accounts! Both items have been really neglected! I also want to share that I always throw in a CD book or down load an audible books story, so that very drudge things can happen in a more interesting environment! Its a great way to appreciate the classics again! Audible books gives away free books and at our library, we can check them out either at the library or online!

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