January Money Diet Day 7 – Give Something Away

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Welcome to Day 7 of the January Money Diet, a 31-day break from nonessential spending. If you’ve just joined us, jump right in and don’t worry about catching up!

My neighbor Wendy has developed a great habit. Whenever the various charities call to ask if she has any “household goods, clothing or reusable items to donate,” she always says yes. She says she can always find something to give away, and the pending pick-up deadline keeps her constantly weeding out closets, drawers and the basement.

We may be taking a break from spending, but we January Money Dieters can still find creative ways to be generous. Coats, blankets, furniture, baby items, kids’ toys, dishes and clothes are all much-needed items that most nonprofits readily accept. Many charities have drop-off locations or regular pick-up schedules. You can also contact your church or homeless shelter to learn more about specific needs. Or try Freecycle, a site that connects people who have extra stuff with people who need things.

Today’s homework assignment: Give something away, and leave a comment below letting us know what you cast off. If you itemize deductions on your taxes and donate something to a nonprofit, be sure to ask for a receipt. Giving stuff away helps others, reduces the landfill volume, and helps clear space in our homes. What’s not to love?

Plus, giving stuff away just makes me feel happy. How about you?

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January Money Diet Day 7 – Give Something Away

  • Carolyn

    Like Wendy, I generally ‘accept’ when my favorite charity calls – most always can find more – and more – to share for the pickup. Gives me the nudge I need! (Love the thought that someone else can use that which is cluttering up my space…)

  • Mea Johnson

    Gave away art supplies and a huge pile of new notebooks that I stocked up on at the beginning of the school year, but my son does not need them…so I passes them to a great nonprofit that works with parents in out city’s public schools. I gave the art supplies to a gallery that shares it space with a lot of local artist…a free box..

  • Carole

    We built a new home two years ago. At that time, we downsized and got rid of lots of surplus stuff we weren’t using. Gave a very nice couch away to a co-worker last fall. Nothing left I can think of to give away..but oh how I love to check into this site every day to see what our next homework assignment is. 🙂 Anxious to make the breakfast burritos and pizza dough to freeze! That’s a “this weekend” assignment for me 🙂

  • Julia

    I have a box to donate to a local thrift store tomorrow. One thing that went in the box were all the Christmas tins that held all the lovely cookies I received from friends and clients this holiday season.

  • Friday Green

    Giving away jeans, sweaters and a large box of household goods.

  • I’ve been decluttering every day this month…have taken several items in to work to give away. Heck, anything you put on the break room table is considered “fair game”…people love it when I get on one of my decluttering missions. Although, I have to admit, after doing this for a few years now, I’m finding it a little more difficult to find cool things to give away. Now to tackle the books…those are going to be sold on Amazon though.

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