January Money Diet Day 5 – Fix Something

Mend and repair

Today’s January Money Diet challenge is all about instant gratification. Let’s repair something, using materials we already have on hand.

January — especially a January when one has a few idle hours because one isn’t patronizing online retailers or shopping malls — is the perfect time to make something shiny and new again. Polish your scuffed boots. Sew the missing button on your favorite sweater. Touch up the chipped paint on the door trim. Glue the handle back on the teapot. Patch the drywall crack. Restring those broken beads. Tackle that one little project you’ve been meaning to get to, and experience the satisfaction of putting something back in use again.

I’m going to stitch a pillowcase hem that’s been slowly unraveling with every wash cycle, and then I’ll tackle the squeaky doors with a can of WD-40. How about you?

Today’s homework assignment: Repair something, and then tell us what you fixed.

Hugs and gratitude for each one of you,

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Eliza Cross is a full-time writer and the author of a dozen books about food and home design. She has been blogging about simplicity and sustainable living since 2006.

8 comments to January Money Diet Day 5 – Fix Something

  • I love hearing about all these great projects you’re tackling, in such resourceful ways. Rock on!!

  • Mea Johnson

    Re-hung curtains in my sons room with “new” rods from my room! I signed up for a free refresher sewing class so that I can make curtains for my room!

  • Julia

    Fixed the garbage disposal! It was making that awful noise that let’s you know some non-food item is in it. After much poking and looking with a flashlight hubby and I saw a teeny tiny white thing. I tried tongs and chopsticks but it was so small I couldn’t grab it to get it out. And no way was I putting my hand in there. Finally I put some play dough on the end of one of the chopsticks and viola!!! Out came the teeny tiny white thing. It was a small stone. Now how did that get in there? Saved much moola by not having to call a repair man and feeling good about my creative thinking process!!!

  • Natalia

    Got a little off track with the money diet, but managed to get back on track today! I cleaned and polished my new leather boots that my boyfriend recently bought for me (and I have already amassed quite a few scuffs!). The bonus for this endeavor is that Boyfriend was glad to see me take extra care for something he gave to me. All are happy all around, including the boots!

  • I sm painting the dull walls I’ve been ignoring since I moved here with a can of free paint I was given. Its only partially finished but already entering the space makes me smile

  • Great suggestions!! I am all for recycling and reusing.

  • Sara, how clever are you? Thanks for sharing this! xo

  • Sara

    I tried to repair the heel section of my sneakers with a piece of leather. Will see if it works well at the next gym session.

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