Moments in Motherhood and Spaghetti Tacos

Spaghetti tacos from Happy Simple Living

True confession time. What you see here is just as weird and unnatural as it looks – crispy taco shells stuffed with spaghetti. Yes folks, we dined on spaghetti tacos for dinner last night — and I lived to tell the tale.

Lately, my son has taken more of an interest in food and cooking — a culinary awakening I naturally want to support completely. So when he asked me recently if we could try an experiment and make spaghetti tacos, after a moment’s hesitation (to silently gag) I said, “Sure! Why not?”

Of course I tried to improve on the basic idea a bit. “Shall we make the spaghetti sauce with meat this time?” I suggested.

“No, just plain sauce.”

“Shall we put some lettuce and cheese on them? Or a little Parmesan cheese, maybe?”

“No – just spaghetti, and not too much sauce.”

And so it was that I found myself making a perfectly good pot of spaghetti with marinara sauce and helping my son stuff the noodles into crispy taco shells. Despite their carb-heavy demeanor, they actually weren’t half bad. We had fresh strawberries for dessert, so we at least had a few vitamins to offset our low-nutrition dinner.

How about you? Have you ever made a weird dinner like this to humor your children? Do tell – you know we’d love to hear your culinary confessions.
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Moments in Motherhood and Spaghetti Tacos

  • Just one other note Eliza. Something i’ve done to make our Taco mix tastier, and warmer – with some (not a ton) of nutritional value.

    After the beef is ready to go and your adding the water and spice to the beef, I like to add 2 heaping table spoons of salsa to the mixture and let it cook down. It adds 2-3 minutes of cook time (to get rid of the juice and break down the tomato a bit) but I find the flavour blast to be fantastic and there is some (not a lot – but this is adding veg to kids, right?) nutritional value added. Plus, the grown ups show the kids they don’t need (as much) toppings either! Mind games … 🙂

  • Totally been there. I think I still have some unusually wierd ingredients and spices in the cupboard during my daughters bout with cooking experimentaion. Totally enjoyed this post! Fun.

  • I love that you’re supporting his interests, even if the outcome is a little, well, odd. 😉 I’m sure they probably weren’t nearly as strange tasting as they look.

  • Miss T @ Prairie Eco-Thrifter

    Very interesting combo. It always amazes me what kids can come up with. My mom had some interesting concoctions growing up too but we ate them and survived so it wasn’t all that bad.

  • What an odd yet creative meal!
    We were vegetarians growing up so we had some “interesting” meals. I just learned recently my Mom would spike our pancakes with tofu! Tofu! But it blended in perfectly and gave us some nutrients we didn’t get from meat. I also remember opening my lunch as a kid to find peanut butter and bean sprout sandwich in my lunch pail.

  • When I was a kid my mom used to make a weird concoction for us whenever she and my dad were going out – she browned sliced hot dogs in an electric skillet, then added a can of tomato soup and some macaroni and let it all simmer together. Weirdly, I’ve been craving that lately and actually might break down and make it – I think it’s about the memories of cooking with my mom now that she’s aging.

  • Love it! Although adding all the toppings would be better, I think.

    Our weird meals are usually at breakfast and usually from leftover dinners. Today’s breakfast was tuna noodle casserole. 🙂

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