Halloween Must-Haves

Sparkly Halloween sign

Earlier this week I wrote about the proliferation of Halloween-themed stuff in the stores. Here at the urban homestead we’ll put out our carved pumpkins and some cool green round squash that my sister grew, but all I have to do is watch one episode of Hoarders and I’m instantly cured of any desire to buy additional Halloween decorations.

Next month at Happy Simple Living I’ll be writing a series about simplifying the holidays, which is a theme that seems to resonate with many people. As part of that effort I’ll be posting some tongue-in-cheek “Holiday Must-Haves” showcasing the stuff of Christmas and Hanukkah. I had fun this week sneakily photographing some of the more unusual Halloween items available for shoppers. Have a look:

Halloween driveway markers

Halloween rubber balls

Cuddle up with a fluffy Halloween blanket

Every home needs a fog machine!

Halloween baby socks

Halloween cupcake stand

Halloween bathrobe

What’s the most unusual Halloween item you’ve encountered? I’d love to hear your comments.

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Halloween Must-Haves

  • Betty Crosslen

    Darn, we are so Under-decorated over here; just the same old bunch of Indian Corn on the door that the squirrels have had their way with…could you start a support group for those of us who are trying to go Cold Turkey so to speak?

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