A Morning at the Easton Farmers’ Market

Last week we enjoyed a heavenly vacation with some of our extended family and stayed with my aunt and uncle at their lovely home on the Chesapeake Bay near St. Michaels, Maryland. On Saturday morning, Aunt Sara took us to a wonderful open-air market in the charming town of Easton. Here are some of the gorgeous sights we saw as we strolled around.

Zinnas, sunflowers and produce

A colorful assortment of just-picked peppers

Gorgeous squash, beans, cucumbers and okra

Sunshine and sunflowers

Who says cantaloupe and politics don't mix?

Temptingly arranged ears of fresh corn

Pale yellow and green bicolored summer squash

With temptations at every booth, much of the fresh produce we picked up at the farmers’ market made it to the dinner table that evening. Mom made a refreshing salad from fresh lettuce, dark seedless grapes and slivers of local cheese, and whisked up a homemade vinagrette to accompany it. We combined sweet corn cut off the cob, diced red bell peppers and sliced zucchini for a bright summer salad, and Aunt Edie sliced and sautéed the lovely two-tone squash shown above for a delectable side dish that everyone loved. Are you enjoying the season’s bounty of fresh fruits and vegetables? I’d love to hear what you’re eating and cooking this summer.

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A Morning at the Easton Farmers’ Market

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