Where Does Your Garden Grow?

Lettuce admire Kaos Pizza's verdant container garden

Don’t you just love this huge iron urn planted with salad greens? On a recent Friday, I spent a thoroughly delightful afternoon strolling along Denver’s historic Old South Pearl Street district with my amazing friend Becky Creighton and five other food-loving folks for a Culinary Connectors Walking Tour. Our third stop was Kaos Pizzeria for wondrous, wood-fired, authentic-as-it-gets pizza. As we entered the restaurant’s charming courtyard, I saw these gorgeous container gardens and stopped to snap a photo — just for you.

I’d love to hear what you’re planting this summer, in containers or otherwise. Enjoy these early summer days — and may your garden grow and flourish.

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Eliza Cross is a full-time writer and the author of a dozen books about food and home design. She has been blogging about simplicity and sustainable living since 2006.

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  • Hi Eliza,
    It’s winter down here…
    I’ve been super busy with work and health issues keeping me away from the garden, but I have a free day today, the sun has come out, and I’m looking forward to spending a day tidying up and bedding things down in preparation for spring.
    Our soil doesn’t freeze, and some plants are already showing fat buds; I really love autumn and winter. Today I’ll prune all the roses and other perennials, move a few plants that were a little too exposed to the extreme heat last summer, and I also hope to plant some climbing fruits and vegetables along my fenceline. I’ve ordered some bare-rooted fruit trees and will also try and squeeze in a few more ornamental perennials to attract insects.
    At the moment in my veggie beds the brassicas and salad greens are flourishing, and we have way too many chillis for one household!
    It’s lovely reading your readers’ summer stories – they help me to plan for the coming season.
    Best wishes from South-Eastern Australia …

  • Wow, that really is nice. One thing that I have really neglected this year is putting containers out on the deck. Our salad greens are in the ground this year and have been doing pretty well there.

  • Frugal Living Forest

    That is awesome, I oughta start an urn like this with salad greens. Every time I buy a lettuce it goes bad before I finish it 🙁

  • We do most of everything in the ground but this year we’ve decided to do sweet potatoes, ginger and peppers in pots. With the peppers I’m hoping to drag them into the greenhouse (when we build it) during the winter so they don’t freeze.

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