The Susan Boyle of Our Spring Garden

49 weeks out of the year, it’s the most nondescript shrub in the garden. But every April, the Forsythia bush does this:

I hope you’re enjoying these glorious days of spring,

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Eliza Cross is a full-time writer and the author of a dozen books about food and home design. She has been blogging about simplicity and sustainable living since 2006.

3 comments to The Susan Boyle of Our Spring Garden

  • Shell

    Forsythia just makes you feel happy to look at it! Flowers have been so pretty here in AR this year. The azaleas are stunning!

  • katiejohnsonwriter

    I love, love, love the forsythia! Thank you for stopping by my blog and leaving a comment. Now that I’m settled in here in CA for the month, I’m looking forward to combing your blog back to front!

  • Herb Ben Ohmsteader

    Someone had the good sense to be a lazy pruner… to let this non-descript normally green ‘wall flower at the Grange Hall dance’ grow into its own. As you said, it rewards you with one beautiful slow dance a year.

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