Grow Your Own Sprouts – Part #2

It’s only Day 3, but our tiny alfalfa seeds are already sprouting! Here’s today’s photo:

Alfalfa Sprouts - Day 3

I’ve continued to rinse and drain the sprouts every 12 hours, and they seem to be coming along right on schedule. Click here to read Sunday’s posting with instructions about how to make your own sprouting incubator from a recycled jar, along with updates from Day 2.


 Here’s a photo from Day 4, when I added water to the jar and swirled the sprouts around. You can see how the volume has increased!

Alfalfa Sprouts - Day 4

To make sure they are thoroughly drained, I’ve been turning the jar upside down on a folded paper towel after giving it the final shake after each rinsing:

Draining the sprouts

Here they are on Day #5, and you can see that they are getting green and starting to break away from the seed hull. Today I drained off about a third of the seed hulls:

Alfalfa Sprouts - Day 5

This photo was shot in artificial light as I took it after the second rinsing at 7 p.m.  I think tomorrow may be harvest day! Stay tuned…

It’s surprisingly gratifying to grow these baby seedlings in the dead of winter. Want to join the fun? Grab your gardening gloves and get sprouting!

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